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"SLIP AWAY" - The 3rd Single - Taken from the album "Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One". - (The song is a short story from a 3rd person perspective about limitations, or putting them aside, Whatever your dreams, follow your heart! Never give up, Do everything YOU want to do! Dont let life "Slip Away". Release date 01/03/18 on all good online stores!

About Us

Our Story

We started out by practicing during high school. & spent many long nights writing, playing, and eating breakfast cereal to produce the album. ELECTUS was cemented together through a love of music and a passion for creating. 

What Inspires Us

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. The melody comes first, then the lyrics so we are all invested in each song and its meaning. 

Our Influences

Our music blends many musical genre's to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone, young love, and getting older.  

ELECTUS - I Wanted You

 ELECTUS - I Wanted You! - Filmed by NJT MEDIA.  September 2017 - Taken From the Album - Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One 

ELECTUS - Ticket To Nowhere

 ELECTUS - Ticket To Nowhere - Filmed by NJT MEDIA. Taken From the Album - Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One.

ELECTUS - Just For One Night!

ELECTUS - "Just For One Night"! - Taken From The Debut Album "The Dark".

ELECTUS - Slip Away


ELECTUS - "Slip Away" - The 3rd Single - Taken from the album "Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One".

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ELECTUS - Promo - As Heard on Hard Rock Hell Radio!

 ELECTUS - Promo Ad - For the 2nd Album - "Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One" - As Featured on Hard Rock Hell Radio (Rock Radio Station) Download the Album - http://www.electus-music.uk


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